A masterful storyteller and presenter, Helene shares inspirational accounts of the resilience of the human spirit, and the goodness of humanity, as experienced on her nine-year/13,850-mile run and beyond. 

Helene’s charismatic first-person account of extreme challenges confronted on the road or as a patient in the oncology unit leaves participants feeling empowered and determined to tackle goals head-on.  

Helene Neville’s presentations are truly something special. Delivered from the heart, she infuses humor and infectious optimism into her talks, making them life-changing for many. Her impact is consistent, no matter the obstacles she faces. Helene has a unique ability to connect with diverse audiences on a deeper level. 

Long after her events conclude, her captivating energy and gripping stories leave a lasting impression, keeping her audience spellbound. It’s no wonder her contributions are so widely celebrated! 

Helene's Roster of Clients

Helene has delivered keynote speeches in all 50 U.S. states. She has spoken at cancer centers, hospitals, universities, grammar schools, board rooms, seminars, retreats…and to audiences needing inspiration. 

  • American Cancer Society
  • Arizona Nurses Association
  • California Society for Healthcare Risk Management
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Emory University
  • Genentech
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Mayo Clinic
  • MD Anderson
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • National Nurses Health Institute
  • Nevada Public Health
  • Salk Institute for Biological Studies
  • Stanford University
  • Ted Talks
  • United States House of Representatives
  • UNLV Men’s Basketball Team

And many more!  


Helene embodies what it means to overcome obstacles and push beyond perceived limits. Her made-for-Hollywood story is unique and powerful. Helene has an art for storytelling.

Diane Lane

Best Actress nominee, Golden Globe nominee, 2003 Actress of the Year

Dynamite personality, riveting story, incisive wit….this lady will dazzle you with a life journey that inspires and ignites the dream in all of us. Laughter, tears and raw courage….she lets us know we can.

Dr. Elaine Doll-Dunn

Founder/Director, Leading Ladies Marathon

Thank you for being the keynote speaker at our event. You were comical and inspirational! Your heartfelt words blew people away. How do I know? The entire room of 1,400 business professionals were either laughing out loud or had tears streaming down their faces. I can’t tell you how many people thanked me for inviting you and expressed how you impacted them. You were phenomenal, and we can’t wait for you to speak for us again

Don Goff

CEO, The Flag for Hope

Helene’s story is an unbelievably fascinating journey into the heart and soul of a champion. Her ability to face and scale seemingly insurmountable challenges is a testament to the strength and character of this inspirational human being. You will laugh, you will cry.

Rolando Alvarez M.D., M.S.

Medical Director at Pharm XG Health One

Why book Helene Neville? Helene’s physical and mental strength…her heart and love for unity and human connection… her resiliency INFUSES into her audience. Unparalleled and vivid stories of a brave odyssey into the unknown, where sheer grit, optimism, and passion carried Helene to do what no one has done before.

Nicole Choi, Ph. D., CFP®

Associate Professor of Finance Department Chair, University of Wyoming College of Business

Speaking Topics

  • Cancer
  • Courage and Commitment
  • Dream Big
  • Embrace Change
  • Finding Joy in Challenges
  • Goal Setting
  • Harnessing the Power of Positive Thinking
  • Healthy Nurse
  • Leadership
  • Perseverance
  • Pushing Beyond Perceived Limits
  • Resilience
  • Stronger Together
  • Transforming Fear into Strength  

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