Helene Neville Speaker | Author | Athlete | Survivor

Speaker | Author | Athlete | Survivor

Helene Neville’s memoir, “Rethink Impossible,” goes beyond mere storytelling, offering a captivating narrative of determination and the human spirit. Over the course of nine years, she set records with a long-distance run across all 50 U.S. states, inviting readers on a journey where the impossible becomes achievable. With a blend of humor, poignancy, and inspiration, Helene’s masterpiece resonates deeply with readers on a deeply personal level, urging them to reconsider their own limitations and embrace boundless potential.


Out of the embers of despair, a beautiful story arises.

In September 2020, Helene was working as a nurse battling the COVID-19 pandemic in Bismarck, North Dakota. On October 23rd, Helene collapsed  and woke to learn she had Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Given only eight weeks to live, Helene persevered through delays caused by COVID-19, sepsis, shingles, and eviction. Her story epitomizes faith, determination, resilience, hope, and the goodness of humankind.


Second Edition

Prescriptions not required! Nurses In Shape is about creating the mindset required to make lifestyle changes in a busy profession; in a sense, a one-stop source for the health of nurses. It is an economical, convenient, and simple way to heart, mind, body, and spirit health; a perfect balance for everyone, from the beginner to the elite.


Don't Let Your Health Run Away From You

In this accessible book, the author advocates for leadership and advocacy in health-related topics like motivation, misinformation, and knowledge. Emphasizing preventive measures over reactive solutions, Helene stresses the importance of vitality and caution against quick fixes. Education, collaboration, and critical thinking are highlighted as essential for promoting healthy behaviors and combating misinformation. Helene adeptly navigates the complexities of individual behavior, societal influences, and access to information in the pursuit of well-being.


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One On The Run

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Nurses in Shape

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