Helene Neville Speaker | Author | Athlete | Survivor

Speaker | Author | Athlete | Survivor

Nurses in Shape

Second Edition

In 2010, Helene posed the question, “Who’s caring for the nurses?” The answer was nobody. Inspired, Helene penned the first Nurses In Shape edition between patient visits, post-work, and amidst training sessions.

Taking her book and literally running with it, Helene embarked on a solo 13,850-mile run across all fifty states, delivering her book to nurses while advocating for various causes.

During her journey, she visited more than 150 healthcare institutions, interviewing more than 1,000 nurses, thus inspiring Nurses In Shape, Second Edition. Despite facing personal health battles, Helene persisted in crafting this sequel, maintaining her trademark “just the facts” concise, compelling approach to wellness.

New chapters in the Second Edition address:

  • burnout
  • exposure pathways
  • pain management
  • pandemic challenges
  • compassion fatigue

Helene also emphasizes self-care, which has become an overutilized word, and unfortunately, an underutilized concept.

Helene shares practical steps and debunks common health myths, emphasizing the significance of mindset in making lifestyle changes within the demanding nursing profession. Her message is simple: to improve public health, healthcare professionals – especially nurses – must champion healthy living, influencing both patients and the nation as a whole.

Nurses In Shape isn’t just another diet book; it’s a wake-up call…a guide to self-care, authored by a nurse with over four decades of experience in both nursing and fitness coaching.

Prescriptions not required – this book is written by a nurse for a nurse, providing essential guidance for professionals with little time to waste.


Available on August 1, 2024

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