Additional Runs
The Rocky Steps The Las Vegas Strip

The Rocky Steps

Helene Neville Philadelphia Rocky Steps Run

In 2016 (November 25, 2016), with a chemotherapy port-a-cath in her chest, Helene created the Marathon of Love in the city of brotherly love.  She began her run at her childhood home in Havertown, Pennsylvania where she scattered some of her brother’s ashes. With her brother’s urn containing his ashes in her backpack Helene ran 10.2 miles to the Philadelphia Art Museum. Helene ran the infamous ‘Rocky Steps’ a timeless symbol of the underdog up and down 384 times covering 16 miles in 7 hours and 30 minutes. The prior record running nonstop up and down the Rocky Steps was only 7 miles and that person hadn't run 10.2 miles to get there.

The Las Vegas Strip

Helene Neville Las Vegas Strip Run

In 2016 (January 30-31, 2016), Helene ran the Las Vegas Strip from the Welcome to Las Vegas to the Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas signs back and forth covering 135 miles at a pace of 3.8 miles per hour, she finished in 35 hours.